Monday, July 5, 2010

How to Hack Gmail or Yahoo or Hotmail or Any Other( New Version)

First of all you need to create an account in a form handling service. In the registration form enter your email address in the field “Where to send Data” and in redirect enter the URL of the site whose account is to be hacked( For Yahoo it will be and for google it is After registering you will get an email from the web form designer with your form id.

Now follow the following steps :

1. Open the website of HotMail or GMail or YahooMail, its your wish. If you want to HACK yahoo id, then goto
2. Now press “CTRL+U”, you will get the source code of yahoo page. NOw press “CTRL+Acopy all the text.
3. Open NOTEPAD, now paste it here. SAVE it as YAHOOFAKE.HTML
4. Now open the the file yahoofake.html using noepad, here you ll find a code which starts with
( This code is for Yahoo. For any other site this code will be different but you need to find the code starting with (form method=”post” action=”xxxxxxxxxxxxx”))
5. Now in place of (form method=”post” action=”xxxxxxxxxxxxx”)
put the following code after placing your form id:

Now Save the yahoofake.html.

First of all upload your page using some free webhosting services. Tip: Register to those webhost which don’t give their own ads and which gives URL of type “your site”.

Now select your site name as You can also add some rubbish numbers and make is very long so that the victim does not see the name of webhost in the link.

Now send a fake mail from to the victim’s email address with subject ” Account Frozen” and in the mail write that Due to some technical errors in yahoo we need you to login through this link otherwise your account will be frozen.

After reading this your victim will click and login through the page you created and as you have give the redirection URL as the URL of the site itself so it will goto the login page again and the victim will think that he might have given wrong password so the page came again but in reallity the username and password has been sent to your email account you specified and the victim is still not knowing that his account is hacked.

If you’ve got many Gmail accounts and don’t want to keep logging on and off them every time you switch, a simple command line parameter in the Google Talk shortcut can solve your problem.

* First, create one copy of the Google Talk shortcut on your desktop - leave the original intact.
* Right click on this shortcut and choose Properties. The Target box will show you the path of the EXE for Google Talk - something like “C:\Program Files\Google\Google Talk\googletalk.exe”
* Change this to: “C:\Program Files\Google\Google Talk\googletalk.exe” /nomutex

and click OK.

Now you can login with as many gmail accounts as you like. Hurray..!!
Gmail login tricks

- Use HTML version of gmail instead of standard version. You can access to gmail’s HTML version directly from this url
- Also try gmail mobile version via ,it is very lo-fi version of gmail but the speed of logging in really fast, it is opening instantly on my system. The mobile version of gmail login page is simple, fast and furious. So no more gmail login problems now.


Trickfriend = dneirfkcirT
Let your text show view its face in the mirror.

For writing mirror message, follow the steps:

1) Open any topic.

2) Write your message in the box. Do NOT click on submit.

3) Copy &#8238 in the beginning of the message.

4) Click on Submit

That's all.

Have they blocked Orkut in your place? Also, you are not able to open or any other proxy website? Need not worry, for every problem, this is the solution.

Follow the steps:

1) Visit THIS link

2) The above link will open bypassing all the firewalls.

3) After kproxy has been loaded, just type in in the space provided and access orkut without any barriers.

Apart from the above link, you may also use the following proxies in the same way:

Tha's all


[b][green]ORKUT TRICKS :